What is JetPlow Heavy Industries?

JetPlow Heavy Industries is a silly made-up name. We do not (yet) do anything related to typical heavy industries.

The general focus is on flashlights and general electronics DIY, with a smattering of keyboards, cooking, lasers, and software development.

How is this site made?

This website uses jekyllrb.com for static site generation, and minima theme (slightly modified).

Additionally, there are a number of custom scripts that munge the output of the site generator so I can put in lightboxes and other fancy stuff.

It’s still a work in progress, I’m not quite satisfied with the way the site gets generated, but I’m slowly improving things.

How do you make money?

The only source of income from this site is through affiliate links. If you really hate affiliate links, sorry, you can always search the link text on your favorite online retailer. The meager pile of change received from affiliate links helps pay for the site, and that’s about it.